Please make sure to return your Insulated Bags, Produce Boxes & Ice Packs you may receive each week! 

Please wipe clean your bags each week and leave these on your porch or bring to your pick-up location prior to your next delivery.  Reusing these items not only helps us lower our impact on the earth but also allows us to keep our costs down to our customers allowing us to provide more produce each delivery!

We allow two delivery cycles to return your packing items.  After a non-return after two delivery cycles there is a $5 fee for all non-returned packing sets. 

We can also re-use the egg cartons, berry containers, and laminated info cards.

Send back your plastic bags and we’ll recycle those for you too (not reused for packing).

Our Customers are also welcome to put in reusable produce bags into their delivery bags as well. You will 2 sets, one for each insulated bag. We also have reusable produce bags available for purchase.