Referral Program

A Referral is the ultimate “Thank You” for us. It means you are happy with our service and you want others to know. Your referrals also help us grow our business and that is why we want to thank you as well!

For every friend you refer we will credit you $10 towards your account after their second delivery. It’s our way of letting you know how much we appreciate the referral!

Make sure your friend put in your name in the space on check out that says “Who may we thank for this referral”.

Want an easier way to refer? Join our affiliate program and earn Farm Fresh Carolinas credit for each new customer signup. Your receive a custom coupon code and referral link.

Register a new affiliate account

Are you Savvy with Social Media? Want to get a delivery for free? Check out our Ambassador Program!

Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate account?

You can activate your Farm Fresh Carolinas account to be an affiliate account. This allows you to easily share a referral link and code to get credit for referring us?

Can I receive referral credit without being an affiliate?

Yes! If your account is not set up to be an affiliate account if the person you refers simply puts your name in the checkout field how they were referred to us we will still credit your account.

What is the difference between an Affiliate and an Ambassador?

All customers past or present may activate their account to become an affiliate and begin earning store credit. For those that are particularly savvy on social media and would like to review our deliveries online may apply to be a Farm Fresh Ambassador in which they will receive a free delivery to post about.

What is the selection criteria for Ambassadors?

Farm Fresh Carolinas has the right to choose Ambassadors based on who they feel would be a good representation of their brand. These as often long time customers that are fans of service. This may also be community in the health and wellness space that would like to share about services. It is more important that an Ambassador has a consistent like minded message on their social media streams than the amount of followers that they have.

How often can someone be an Ambassador?

Currently our program is set up that Ambassadors may be selected up to one time per quarter to receive a free delivery. This may change as the program evolves.

How are accounts credited?

Once a referral customer has received a second delivery a $10 store credit will be applied to the affiliate’s account. The affiliate will be emailed with a code to this store credit, but the code will also be stored in their account. This credit will not automatically be applied to recurring subscriptions. If a customer would like to apply this credit to their next delivery please contact customer service and they would be happy to help.

Do you have additional questions? Email us at