Steve’s Bee’s – 16oz Mason Jar Local Raw Unfiltered Honey (Fort Mill, SC)


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16oz Glass Mason Jar – Local Fort Mill, SC Honey

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Local Fort Mill, SC Honey

Freshly extracted honey from colonies managed here in Fort Mill, SC without any chemicals or antibiotics. The bees thrive in natural pine and cypress hives on a 50 acre farm tract in our 29715 area code.

Local raw (unfiltered and unheated) honey contains pollen and natural compounds gathered by the bees from flora in our neighborhood which, when consumed, contributes to the reduction of allergy symptoms.

The typical range of foraging worker (female) honeybees is less than 3 miles. Nectar and pollen is gathered from a full range of blossoms available making this honey a local blend of wildflowers including flowering trees, shrubs, clover, asters, honeysuckle and garden flowers.

Honey is best stored in a cool, dry place though it will always crystallize into solid sugar in time. To re-liquify, simply place the jar in a pan of hot (not boiling) water with the cap loosened until it dissolves and clarifies.

Enjoy this healthy, locally produced, all-natural product of Fort Mill!

We deliver to the Greater Charlotte, NC area.

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