Sow True Seed – Asheville, NC

Disease-resistant vines produce high yields of utterly delicious 1 oz red fruits, slightly larger than most cherry tomatoes. Selected by master English horticulturalist Alan Chadwick, an early proponent of Biodynamic gardening in the US. Sometimes known as “Camp Joy” cherry tomato, for the name of the farm where it was developed. Indeterminate.

Chadwick Cherry tomatoes should be started indoors 6 to 8 weeks before your last frost date and transplanted out after all danger of frost has passed. They need full sun and well-drained soil. Fruits will begin to mature about 80 days after transplant. 0.1 gram packet contains approximately 40 seeds.

  • Seed Depth – 1/4″
  • Days to Sprout – 6-8
  • Mature Spacing – 18-24″
  • Days to Harvest – 70 from transport
  • Approximate Seeds – 60
  • Planting Season – Spring