Insulated Reusable Bag – Set of 2


Set of 2 Insulated Reusable Bags.   We will deliver in one bag with an ice pack on first delivery.  On the next delivery we will deliver the second bag with an additional ice pack.  Please leave out the first bag and ice pack for the driver to take back for the next delivery.  If you are using reusable produce bags, or have any recyclable items such as egg cartons and berry baskets you may return these in your insulated bags. One bag holds approximately one box delivery and you will need to order a bag set for each box you order if you are having multiple boxes delivered.


Receive your Farm Fresh Carolinas deliveries in a set of rotating reusable insulated bags.  Utilizing this service with also include and ice pack to help keep your delivery cool while it waits on your doorstep to receive.

We deliver to the Greater Charlotte, NC area.

Please make sure to check that your are in our delivery area prior to ordering this product.


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