Harvest Best (Farm Fresh Carolinas Pick-Up)

From: $25.00 every 2 weeks

The Harvest Best Produce Box is the very best of both Organic Fruits and Veggies!

Contains a selection of 5-6 varieties of seasonal Organic Vegetables,  3-4 varieties of  Organic Fruit and occasionally will contain Organic Herbs and Spices.



Product Description

This Box contains the Harvest Best of what available of Organic Fruits and Veggies for the week!  In this box you’ll not only find your produce staples, but also some of the unique produce that the Carolinas has to offer.

  • 5-6 Varieties of Organic Vegetables
  • 3-4 Varieties of Organic Fruit
  • Occasional Organic Herbs & Spices
  • Approximately 70% Vegetables/ 30% Fruit
  • Variety Changes Each Week!
  • Locally Sourced when available

This item is for Pick-Up at Farm Fresh Carolinas on Wednesdays.  The pricing of this order reflects $2 off the produce box from our normal pricing for picking-up.

Our pick-up hours will be Wednesdays from 10am – 12pm. Please text 704-729-4551 when you are on your way and we will have your order set out clearly labeled with your name on the bag at our pick-up tables. Please touch only your bag when picking up your order. In order to continue to help keep our healthy staff we will not accept any customers into our building. We appreciate everyone accepting their social distancing from our staff.

On check out, select “Pick-up” as your delivery option.  Then select “Farm Fresh Carolinas (Wednesdays)”  from the drop down menu.

Here are the general size recommendations:

Essentials For those flying solo or just two people that may eat out during the week.  This is a smaller sampling of the best of the week.
Small The right size for a budding family.  A couple, or a couple plus a small child.
Medium  Perfect for the average family with two adults and 2.2 children. (How do you get .2 of a kid anyway?)
Large    For the lucky families feeding 5+ mouths each week or those with growing teenagers!


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