Funky Farmer Microgreens – Osaka Purple Mustard


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A bold mustard flavor with spice!

Out of stock

Now the top-quality microgreens that are being used by Charlotte’s top chefs can now be used in your kitchen as well.  On farmland that has been in their family for seven generations in Denver, NC, the Funky Famers, Robb & Mitzi, use love and meticulous care in growing superior quality microgreens. All their microgreens start from USDA organic seeds, are grown in vegbed made of sustainable bamboo fibers, and they never use harmful pesticides or chemicals to produce these nutrient dense powerhouse greens.

A bold mustard flavor with spice!


Store microgreens refrigerated. Microgreens are delicate baby plants that last longer when they are not compressed and not left in an overly moist environment. Microgreens edible for several weeks, but best when enjoyed within a week. Do not wash microgreens until ready to eat.

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