Farmer’s First Coffee – Simeon


Simeon’s Coffee – 12oz Bag

Medium Roast

Available in Whole Bean or Ground

Simeon has delivered a complex, medium-bodied coffee with hints of caramel and red apple. The coffee varietal, catuai, creates a sweet and smooth cup!


Product Description

This is Simeon Ventura’s Coffee Beans. His family has grown coffee near Santa Elena, Honduras for more than 100 years. Their farm is located in the “La Paz” department in a remote village near the border with El Salvador. Simeon is a member of a socially-conscious  organization named “catracha coffee”.  Simeon and his wife Antonia, have three boys.  His parents live in another house on the same property. Simeon’s goal is to send his children to university.

The coffee trade isn’t fair to small-scale farmers. We solve that problem by providing a 50% bonus directly to the people creating your coffee, an amount 4 times higher than “fair trade.”

By waking up each morning with a cup of Farmers First Coffee, you’re giving hard-working coffee farmers from Honduras and Peru the opportunity to lift themselves up economically.


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