1949 Nut Co. – Dill Pickle Peanuts – 10oz


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Why settle for the same old boring salted peanuts? Seasalt and Dill bring that pickle punch!  10oz canister


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Why settle for the same old boring salted peanuts? Seasalt and Dill bring that pickle punch!

From the very first bite, you’ll relish the delicious difference. These extra-large Virginia-style peanuts pack a savory punch along with an incredible crunch for ultimate snacking pleasure. Only the best & biggest peanuts: Forget those puny chopped peanuts you get with most fruit & nut gifts. 

The Secret: A Prized Family Recipe That Goes Back Over 70 Years! You can thank Larry (aka Daddy-O)! It was his ingenuity in 1949 that brought us the crispy crunch that no ordinary roasted peanuts can give.

Select Virginia-style peanuts (expertly grown and harvested in Henderson, North Carolina) go through Daddy-O’s special hand-cooking process: First, they’re soaked in hot water. Then roasted in premium oil till they reach crispy perfection.  Next, sprinkled with sea salt and dill seasoning for that real dill pickle punch.  Finally, sealed in 10-oz. cans for farm-to-table freshness.

The 1949 Nut Company’s Peanuts are an everyday luxury for peanut lovers who want exceptional taste, unrivaled variety, and a remarkably crisp and satisfying crunch. We’ve perfected classic varieties alongside new innovations to give you a natural, crowd-pleasing snack for any occasion. With blends of sweet, spicy, savory, and everything in between, the only thing harder than picking a favorite is resisting another handful!

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