Ambassador Program

Are you Savvy with Social Media? Want to get a delivery for free? Check out our Ambassador Program!

Ambassador Program Details

Farm Fresh Carolinas is seeking brand partners that are excited to tell their friends and followers about their love for fresh fruits, veggies and their service with Farm Fresh Carolinas. We are not looking for individuals with the most “followers” but for those who truly love our service and can authentically share and engage with their social media channels.

Selected Ambassadors will receive a free delivery proportional to their family size. If selected Ambassadors are current customers, their delivery will be free the week they are selected. Ambassadors earns $10 affiliate credit for each new customer that signs up and receives a second delivery utilizing the Ambassador’s code/link/name on sign up.

Ambassadors are asked to share either a video/reel or at least 2 separate photo posts of their delivery. The more you would like to share the better and can earn more Farm Fresh Carolinas credit!

Ambassadors are currently eligible for a free delivery 1x/quarter. Repeat ambassadors are selected based on past posts and referrals.

We love to get insight, suggestions, feedback from our Ambassadors so we can constantly evolve and make our service better for our customers.

All Ambassadors need to be registered in our Affiliate Program above to receive referral credit.

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