During times likes these we realize we are an integral part of many of your families food sources.

First we want to wish all of your family’s safety and health during these times.  We know these are stressful times and we hope we can alleviate a little of that stress by delivering fresh produce to you.  Our business is an essential service and we will continue to serve both the NC and SC greater Charlotte area as long as we continue to have a healthy and willing staff.  In order to keep both our customers and staff healthy we are implementing some policies during this period to help. 

We take safety very seriously and wanted to update you on just a few of our updates to our already strict policies we have in place to add another layer of protection for both our customers and our staff.

In addition to our current hand washing process prior to handling produce, using restroom and after breaks, we are now including anytime an employee enters the office and prior to leaving, as well as after utilizing their cell phones. Drivers will now hand sanitize in the vehicle in before and each customer stop. Additional touch point cleaning will be done each day, including door handles, steering wheels, gear shifts, etc.

We are currently on a waiting list for new customers.  If you need to make a change to the size of your delivery, please let us know asap using the order change form. If you need to add on boxes we will do the best we can to accommodate our current customers but we need to know by Saturday to see if we can add on another box.  This includes if you are trying to change your orders from every other week to weekly.  You can still add on elderberry syrup, honey, jams, nut butters, dip mixes to your upcoming orders.  Starting on April 3rd we will start a Friday Curbside Pick-up program to help those who are still in need of getting fresh produce but we cannot get them on the schedule just yet.  Please note under the shelter at home guidelines you are still able to leave your home for essential services such as picking up groceries.  

We will be switching this week to using plastic bags to drop deliveries. We understand this is not the best for the environment, but this will help stop the possible transmission with re-usable bags. The bags we sourced say “I am a Reusable bag” on them.  You will not need to return these, but please reuse or recycle in your home. If you are receiving eggs, or if you will not be home, please leave a large, clean cooler with ice packs. Our drivers will sanitize hands before and after each stop. If you are using a cooler make sure your cooler is large enough for us to put all the produce in without crushing items. In most cases a 48 qt+ cooler is needed. Personal size coolers will not be large enough for most deliveries, but can be used to accommodate just your eggs.

Apartment Complexes**New Policy** If our driver does not have access to your apartment door to drop the delivery at your door they will call when they reach your building.  The driver will give a 5 minute grace period for you to meet the driver to retrieve your order.  If not the driver will leave and will not return to your stop and your order will be returned to our office.  You then can make arrangements to pick up from outside of our office, or at our curbside delivery.  If you need to cancel due to this policy we understand, but due to us not being able to deliver to leasing offices and the high amount of deliveries needed to be made, we have to institute this policy. 

Walk-Ins – Please note during this time we are not excepting any walk-in sales.  If you are picking up from our office please call or text ahead of time and we will have your order out by the front door or at our curbside pick up tables. 

Produce Selection and No Thanks Lists – Please note during these times we are trying to provide the most amount of produce staples to the boxes.  Normally we try to add a few more adventurous or more expensive items to our boxes, but during this time we are choosing not to do that so we can provide the most amount of produce as we can for the value.  We will also have a limited amount of extra types of produce to sub.  We advise that everyone please re-evaluate their “No Thanks” lists and consider only putting items on there that your family has allergies to or cannot eat. You are still more than welcome to submit sub requests each week when the lists come out.  Again, we want to thank everyone for their patience. We will get back to you!  The new order requests, changes, and add-ons are just coming in faster then we can reply right now.  Most importantly we want everyone to stay healthy!  If you have any questions please email info@farmfreshcarolinas.com so our team can get back to you.

We are here for you and your family during this time. If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to us.  Stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget to eat your veggies! 

Thank you,

Lisa Strump