Farm Fresh Carolinas

About Us

We are no strangers to being busy. Starting with a goal of improving the health of the greater Charlotte community, in 2009 we opened Premier Health and Rehab Solutions and CrossFit Steele Creek. With our educational backgrounds in Life Science and Chiropractic, plus owning and operating two businesses, we know how important it is to eat healthy and stay fit.  Then we added a little one to the mix, and life’s demands kept us from being able to go to the farmer's market and shop around for quality Organic food, so we started looking for another way.

We felt so passionate about the need for the Charlotte community to have easy access to fresh local and organic foods that it was time for a change and Farm Fresh Carolinas was born!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring fresh local and organic produce directly to homes and offices in the greater Charlotte, NC area.   With our collective buying power of the community we cannot only support the local farmers in our community, but we can also have fresh produce delivered to your door for the less than most supermarkets. We want to save you time to enjoy the things you want to instead!

How Are We Different

We work to purchase the best quality and in season produce harvested that week.  Unlike other services and CSA's you often find yourself with items you don't want or you keep receiving the same items week after week. We always look to the local farming community first but we will additionally source from outside the area in the off growing season to make sure you have a continued variety to your delivery and it allows us to make deliveries year round. 
We also utilize a "No Thanks" List in which you can provides us a list of items you would like us to never send and we will make sure you receive an extra portion of an item you do love!  This way you can "Set it and forget it".  No need to remember to go online and customize your shipment each week.  This is one of the services our busy customers love the most!

Last, but not least we hand select all of the items that go into your box.  Our rule is if it wouldn't go into our shopping cart, it shouldn't go to our customers.  We utilize the "Ugly Beauties" in our juicing boxes and we make sure that all extra fresh produce is shared with those in need in the community.

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